Education is the basis of economic and social revolution around the globe. The literacy rate is vital to the growth of the nation; its implementation and integration into society strengthens our economy. Technology has influenced the industry to the core – the advancements have transformed it into a facility which is accessible online at affordable prices. IT developments expand its bandwidth and reinforce quality through creative and innovative interfaces.

Business Process and Industry Challenges

In the transition period when the automation is midway, the education industry is facing following hard challenges


The high cost and labor involved in producing digital content makes the project complicated. Refined solutions would establish the link between IT and education to translate each lesson into a decipherable script.


o assess students on multiple parameters with a uniform system underlines the basic objective of learning model. Well-engineered structured application to assess students online would reduce the gaps between digital & print elements.

Multimedia Content:

Multimedia prints are impossible without IT-enabled innovations.

Geographic Reach:

Limited avenues of education are the prime challenge that distances an aspirant from the basic right of Schooling

Solution Provided and Benefits


T led learning application makes education all-pervasive even in the remote geographic areas. Knowledge can be shared and transmitted across multiple channels through internet deploying eLearning app. Distance education and training are possible now. Educational institutes, medical companies and training institutes must infiltrate into technology solutions to manage global learning & training models

Online Assessment

Evaluation application to provide teachers an interface to measure, analyze and improve students’ knowledge graph and skill pool. The testing platform suits all kinds of educational institutes to hold tests and churn out results online.

The major benefits of the solutions include,

  • Flexible, Accessible, Versatile
  • Cross-platform Support
  • Works with Internet Connection
  • Inexpensive Worldwide Distribution
  • Easy to Update
  • User-friendly
  • Enables Shared experiences
  • Efficient management, collection, and transfer of assessment information.
  • Facility to track, monitor and document students’ activities automatically
  • Innovative, accessible & simple Method to provide feedback to students
  • Amplified student participation & involvement
  • Effortless reporting

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