Key Modules

Reception Management

Reception is the first point of interaction for anybody coming to the Hospital. It has all the information of the patients, doctors, departments and activities of the Hospital. All enquiries and appointments are scheduled through this module

Patient Registration

Every patient w ho visits the hospital has to get registered prior to getting any consultation, treatment or investigations done. Registration of patients involves accepting certain general and demographic information about the patient.

Out Patient

After the registration the patient comes to the consultation chamber, where the consultant records his history, diagnose and prescribe medicines & investigation. The Consultant note down the following details on Patients OPD Card I . Complaints II . History III . Diagnosis IV . Investigation V . Medicines VI . Advice VII . Next Visit

OPD Billing

F or billing of any OPD service like Pathology Tests, or any imaging investigation, the patient moves to OPD billing counter. Here the services are charged as per the rates already defined for various categories/ penal/ time etc to the patient with his Patie nt ID. The Payment is collected for the service provided and a receipt is generated.

Investigations Reporting

In the routine functioning of a hospital, various types of investigations are carried out. Carrying out number of tests and making the results available promptly is very crucial for assessing the patient's medical status and deciding on the further course of action

Indoor Patient

The Indoor patient module commences when the patient is being registered and allotted a bed in the ward. It deals with the complete treatment and services provided to the patient during his stay in the hospital.


The Pharmacy Module deal with the Retail Sale of medicines to OPD patients and Issue of medicines to the In - patients in the hospital. Its function includes, online drug prescription, inventory management and billing of drugs, consumables and sutures. This module is closely linked to the Billing Module and In - patient Module. All the drugs required by the patient can be indented from the various sub stores.

HR Payroll

Keep track of all staff member’s attendance; there leave record and deductions. Generate salary slip and other related reports.

Financial Management

A Financial accounting module is linked with hospital billing module. You get online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred. There is no need to enter the revenue entries as they are already fetched from the billing module. All relevant information for the st aff salary/wages, consultant share, etc is available

MIS Reports

Today’s world belongs to Information Technology. Information is worthwhile only if can be accessed at the right time, by the right pe rson & is useful for the purpose defined. The purpose of this module is to provide you all the information; you need about the working of your hospital.

MRD Management

Patient’s Medical record data is critical for the analysis and research purposes. This data includes patient history, observation, diagnosis and therapeutic conclusions along with the tests details and serves as a source of information for any analysis and research. The purpose for this module is to utilize the patient’s medic al

Online Reporting

This module transfers all the diagnostic reports performed in the day to the hospital website where the patient can view or download the report using the password. This has special significance for telemedicine


As mentioned above, there are many benefits of using Hospital management software for the proper functioning of the hospital.

JOSH is a fully - integrated, Hospital Information System Solution.

JOSH giv es a total integration of order entry systems, administrative system, and departmental subsystems within a hospital.

JOSH allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, reduced maintenance and overheads.

JOSH offers a foolproof data security without user intervention to archive data.

JOSH is a comprehensive information system dealing with all aspects of information processing in a hospital. This encompasses human (and paper - based) information p rocessing as well as data processing machines.

As an area of Medical Informatics the aim of JOSH is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing .

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